Still, the thought of searching for a site like that kept running through my mind for weeks before I finally caved one lonely night. Finding a site that seemed popular and heavily frequented was easy.

In minutes I had signed up under the name SinfullySweet and was busy browsing. In the days to come, I would become acquainted with how everything functioned and what I gravitated towards. I even watched some of the girls do their shows and took notes.

It wasn't long until I wanted to cross the boundary myself, I wanted to be the one being watched by others. Again, distorted reasoning formed in my mind. No one is physically touching me but myself so, is it really all that bad?

Having already made up my mind, I went online and ordered all kinds of wigs and outfits, even contacts to change my eye color and different props and toys. I was nervous and scared for many different reasons but that added to the thrill.

Traditional, modest Rose who runs a bakery and volunteers at the church during the day became a sensual, flirty cam girl at night. It was rough at the beginning, I had a lot to learn and inhibitions to get over but months later, I feel right at home on this site.